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SuperPretendNatural Introductory Post

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Feb. 3rd, 2019 | 02:29 pm
posted by: liptonrm in spretendn

The first rule of SuperPretendNatural is you don’t talk about SuperPretendNatural.

No, wait, that’s another secret club we’re in. Never mind.

So, on Friday nights liptonrm and baylorsr like to get together and talk about the previous night’s Supernatural episode. Inevitably, we end up talking about what we would have done if we’d written the episode.

That eventually led to us saying things like, “You know what would be a cool episode?” and coming up with whole episode ideas. And it then led to us creating several recurring characters for the show.

In the fall of 2008, we sat down in a fit of crazeh and actually figured out how all of those ideas could have worked together within the framework of canon and ended up so delighted with the project, which we now referred to as “SuperPretendNatural,” that we could talk of little else for many weeks. (Many apologies to baylorsr’s long-suffering sister, who had to listen to all of this for many weeks.)

Then, for Christmas 2008, baylorsr had a wonderful, awful idea, and created “SuperPretend-Wiki” as liptonrm’s Christmas present. Using the actual Super-Wiki as a template, she made episode and character summaries, including pretend interviews with actors, pretend trivia facts, and a pretend soundtrack. It should be noted that SuperPretend-Wiki was created without the knowledge or permission of the folks at Super-Wiki, and is not associated with Super-Wiki, although we have been kindly told that they don’t mind our blatant plagiarism. Oh yeah, and we also don't own Supernatural or the Winchesters or any of that fun stuff from the TV, even if we sometimes like to pretend that we do.

liptonrm and baylorsr were so delighted with the crazeh that we decided to put it up on the Internets and inflict it upon the virtual world. Which is why we now have this community.

Welcome to SuperPretendNatural!

SuperPretendNatural Episode Guide


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